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Fitness in Oregon – How to Consolidate your Fitness Routine?

When it comes to fitness and exercise, there are many ways to plan your fitness program. Many individuals will use excuses such as work, family, traveling of why they cannot exercise. If you can just get a little creative and consolidate your workouts, you can get some amazing results with out having to spend hours […]

Portland Fitness – Injuring the Achilles Tendon!

Age is something that we are always going to be dealing with, but when we start to get older, we need to be cautious of some certain injuries that can occur with a higher rate of occurrence. One of the injuries that we need to be aware when when we reach the magic age of 40 […]

Exercise Portland – Fitness & The BOSU Balancer

The BOSU Balancer has been a very huge hit when it comes to fitness equipment and adding variety to fitness routines. When utilizing both sides of the BOSU Balancer, it can be very effective for all kinds of exercises, especially when targeting specific goals that you want to improve on. If you are up to the […]