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Personal Training In Portland: A Strong Core Is a Strong Body

Yes, it is true! Having a strong Core is synonymous with having a very strong body. Look at football players nowadays: they are strong, agile, amazing when off balance and can take a hit and keep on going. They have learned over the years through trial and error that in order to have a strong base, you […]

Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Holiday Treats Create Holiday Waist Inches

So you are wondering how are we supposed to keep those unwanted inches off of our waists, buttocks and legs! Well, the answer is to don’t put that much in our mouths and also monitor the type of food we are putting on that fork. You will be amazed how many calories a chocolate cheese […]

Portland Personal Trainer: Behind The Neck Lat Pull-down

Are you still doing the behind the neck lat pull-down? If so, you should probably stop, because your shoulders will thank you for it. Why is it a problem to do this exercise? The reason is because when we do a pull up, are going to climb something or pull up and then thrust our […]

Personal Training: Exercise, Accountability, Support, Activity, Nutrition, Motivation & Customer Service

When it comes to personal training they are responsible for your: exercise intensity, different activities performed, overview of your eating habits or nutrition, being accountable and to motivate you when you feel you just cannot do this. This is what separates the average fitness professional from a premier personal trainer. If you are going to be spending […]

Personal Trainer Portland: Making Workouts Fun!

For some individuals out there saying working out can be fun it like saying breaking your arm is fun, but they are wrong! It can be a lot of fun and it depends on where and whom you are working out with. Yes, some people have the will power and strength to workout by themselves, […]

Portland Personal Training: Stay Motivated & Establish Fitness Goals

One of the most important things that we should all do when we are starting or evaluating a current fitness program is to look at the goals we want to achieve. If you are just starting a fitness program, you want to look at what you want to achieve and gain form working with a […]

Portland Personal Training: Why Hire A Professional Personal Trainer versus a Boot Camp Expert

When someone is looking for a Portland personal trainer, the first thing they think of is expensive, it is only for the rich and I cannot afford that. So what is the next thing they do. They decide to do one of those Group-On specials where they can get a huge discount when they sign […]