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Personal Trainer Portland: Weight Loss And Your Food Intake

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer have shown the value of a meals publication and reveals beyond question that the meals publication containers twice your results! “Keeping a meals record — a specific account of what you eat and consume is a highly effective device in assisting individuals shed body-weight, U.S. scientists verified on Tuesday” says Will Dunham-Reuters. […]

Portland Fitness – Basic principle to Bulk Up!

If you want to bulk up or increase your muscle mass, then you need to focus on a certain way of lifting, and that is called, The Overload Principle. You always want a  challenging resistance load on the muscle in order for it to increase in size. For example, a typical overload principle routine would […]

Portland Fitness – Injuring the Achilles Tendon!

Age is something that we are always going to be dealing with, but when we start to get older, we need to be cautious of some certain injuries that can occur with a higher rate of occurrence. One of the injuries that we need to be aware when when we reach the magic age of 40 […]

Exercise Portland – Fitness & The BOSU Balancer

The BOSU Balancer has been a very huge hit when it comes to fitness equipment and adding variety to fitness routines. When utilizing both sides of the BOSU Balancer, it can be very effective for all kinds of exercises, especially when targeting specific goals that you want to improve on. If you are up to the […]

Portland Oregon Fitness – 10 Fitness Tips for Fitness in the Rain

When it starts to rain, it is a perfect excuse not to go outside and exercise. When you are a runner, walker or hiker here in Portland, Oregon, this is something that you need to deal with because it rains so many days here. The question is, what do we have to be aware of […]

Portland Fitness News – Signs You Have a Bad Trainer

Not all fitness trainers come from the same mold, and like all industries there are always a few bad apples. If you are currently training with a fitness trainer, here are some traits that you should look for to see if you have one of those bad apples. 1.  They are not good listeners 2.  They […]

Portland Fitness Training – Men’s Fitness & Stretching

Stretching is probably one of the least favorite things that individuals like to do when at the gym, especially men. For one, men do not think it is an important component in their routine, or it just does not look cool and that is what women do. I have heard this reason thousands of times, […]

Portland Mens Health – Aerobic Component is a Necessity

Even though a lot of men want to add a certain amount of muscle mass on their bodies, they still need to work on their cardiorespiratory component. This is not only great for the cardiovascular system, but it can also help with improving the good cholesterol in the body (HDL). If you do not like […]