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Portland Fitness – Basic principle to Bulk Up!

If you want to bulk up or increase your muscle mass, then you need to focus on a certain way of lifting, and that is called, The Overload Principle. You always want a  challenging resistance load on the muscle in order for it to increase in size. For example, a typical overload principle routine would […]

PDX Fitness – Holiday Fitness Tips

The next fitness tip that you will need in achieving those new Resolution Goals for 2012 is that you need to write them in the present tense. Meaning, write them down like they have happened, say them like you have achieved them, and be excited about it. The more you say your resolutions, the more […]

PDX Fitness – Holiday Tip from Portland Fitness Trainer

All of those New Year’s Resolutions are going to be talked about during the holiday’s, but how can I get you to successfully complete them. The one tip I am going to give you put you on the road to success is to make a resolution for each aspect of your life. Meaning, make resolutions […]