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Exercise Portland: Sports Drinks, how to drink them

Of course, the way to drink them is through our mouths, but a lot of people are drinking them like water. Sports drinks are meant for bodies that are exercising, sweating, going beyond their physical comfort zones, and taking themselves to that upper limit. You want to replenish what you have lost through respiration and perspiration. Kids are drinking these beverages […]

Exercise Portland Oregon PDX: Set small and large milestones

In order to keep the weight off and keep getting results, you need to keep challenging yourself. In addition, try setting smaller milestones, but creative with them to prevent boredom. Also, set some large goals like hiking to a high peak or doing your first triathlon. Regardless what your goals are, you need to challenge yourself even if […]

Exercise & Fitness in Portland: Just do suspension training or mix it up

Suspension training has been made more popular with the TRX system. The best thing about this system is that it can be done anywhere and it is portable. This is great to take on vacation, overseas or on location where you are limited access to other types of fitness equipment. If this is all you […]

Exercise Portland: Communicate with your personal trainer

When you are training with a personal trainer, communication is a big factor in a successful program. If something is not feeling right with a specific exercise or you are not feeling good, let your trainer know. Maybe you are reversing your breathing or holding your breath and it is making you get nauseous. The […]