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Fitness in Oregon – How to Consolidate your Fitness Routine?

When it comes to fitness and exercise, there are many ways to plan your fitness program. Many individuals will use excuses such as work, family, traveling of why they cannot exercise. If you can just get a little creative and consolidate your workouts, you can get some amazing results with out having to spend hours […]

Exercise Portland – Fitness & The BOSU Balancer

The BOSU Balancer has been a very huge hit when it comes to fitness equipment and adding variety to fitness routines. When utilizing both sides of the BOSU Balancer, it can be very effective for all kinds of exercises, especially when targeting specific goals that you want to improve on. If you are up to the […]

Portland Oregon Fitness – 10 Fitness Tips for Fitness in the Rain

When it starts to rain, it is a perfect excuse not to go outside and exercise. When you are a runner, walker or hiker here in Portland, Oregon, this is something that you need to deal with because it rains so many days here. The question is, what do we have to be aware of […]

Portland Fitness News – Signs You Have a Bad Trainer

Not all fitness trainers come from the same mold, and like all industries there are always a few bad apples. If you are currently training with a fitness trainer, here are some traits that you should look for to see if you have one of those bad apples. 1.  They are not good listeners 2.  They […]

PDX Fitness – New Year’s Resolution Tip

The next tip you need to do when you have already picked your New Year’s Resolutions is to find some pictures that correlate with what you want to achieve. I want you to cut those pictures out or have them uploaded on your computer home page so you will look at them everyday. These pictures […]

Portland Fitness Training – Men’s Fitness & Stretching

Stretching is probably one of the least favorite things that individuals like to do when at the gym, especially men. For one, men do not think it is an important component in their routine, or it just does not look cool and that is what women do. I have heard this reason thousands of times, […]