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Exercise Portland: Sports Drinks, how to drink them

Of course, the way to drink them is through our mouths, but a lot of people are drinking them like water. Sports drinks are meant for bodies that are exercising, sweating, going beyond their physical comfort zones, and taking themselves to that upper limit. You want to replenish what you have lost through respiration and perspiration. Kids are drinking these beverages […]

Exercise Portland Oregon PDX: Set small and large milestones

In order to keep the weight off and keep getting results, you need to keep challenging yourself. In addition, try setting smaller milestones, but creative with them to prevent boredom. Also, set some large goals like hiking to a high peak or doing your first triathlon. Regardless what your goals are, you need to challenge yourself even if […]

Diet & Food: Just make small changes

If you can make small modifications to your food intake then you are on track to accomplishing some great goals. Changing or shifting someones eating habits can be the most challenging obstacles someone can encounter, because we have to eat to survive. That is why you should make small changes in order to keep the […]

Portland Oregon Fitness – Weight Lifting for a Defined Chest

In order to get your muscles defined or toned, you need to get creative with your exercises. When looking at the chest muscle, just doing flat, incline & decline bench press will not generate those results for a nice defined pectoral muscle. Even though these exercises are very good, you need to do other ones like: […]