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Exercise Portland: Communicate with your personal trainer

When you are training with a personal trainer, communication is a big factor in a successful program. If something is not feeling right with a specific exercise or you are not feeling good, let your trainer know. Maybe you are reversing your breathing or holding your breath and it is making you get nauseous. The […]

Portland Personal Training: Using Hip Flexion for Abdominal Routines

When you have come to a point in your abdominal routine where regular crunches and the ab-roller just are not challenging enough, then it is time for you to step it up. You can probably start implementing exercises that will involve hip flexion in conjunction with abdominal flexion. If you want to learn more exercise […]

Exercising Opposing Muscle Groups

There are a lot of individuals who exercise but they do not focus on working their opposing muscle groups. For example, they do a lot of triceps exercises, but only do a few biceps. Another example, is they focus too much on their quadriceps and not enough on their hamstring muscles. Even though the quadriceps […]

Boot Camp or Private Personal Training?

Boot camps became really popular about 6 to 7 years ago and individuals are still doing them today. The fitness industry realized that individual program design, versus a one for all type of approach is a better model to strive for. Boot camps are great because they generate a good amount of money for the […]