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Types of fitness exercises

There are literally thousand types of exercises from tai chi to tae bo, from cha-cha to kung fu. The movements, routines, techniques, origins and names vary greatly but all of these can be classified into three basic categories, namely, cardiovascular exercises (aerobic), flexibility exercises and strength exercises (anaerobic). Cardiovascular exercises are meant to improve stamina […]

Exercise Portland: So what is Zumba

A new dance craze also known as Zumba Fitness has also been recently introduced all over the world. This kind of cardio exercise is perfect for people who find that running is a little bit too boring and routinary. Zumba is a combination of Latin tracks, as well as other famous upbeat tracks all over […]

Portland Fitness Trainer: Fitness and Diabetes

When insulin is released in the blood stream, it causes the cells to pick up the glucose, which will cause the blood glucose levels to drop down to a level that the body likes. When this happens, it broken down in to ATP or it can be stored as glycogen (for energy when needed). When […]

Personal Training: Transitioning From a Hobby to a Professional Personal Training Career

When it comes to the personal training business, the individual wanting to enter this industry needs to look at this as a career, not just a hobby. This is because you are going to be working with clients who want to take their body, health, physical fitness to the next level. When they are going […]

Using Ergonomics for Applications in the Gym

When you look more into ergonomics a lot of the information that they use can be directed towards what happens in the weight room or with fitness programs. Once of the big items that we want to look at is the concept of levers. When we lift weights, our body is utilizing levers to lift […]

Exercise Portland: Best time to go to the gym

If you are getting upset because every time you go the gym it is crowded, there is no parking and the lockers are all taken. So when should you go to the gym? The best time to go is either super early before the 6am crowd gets there or you can go at 11am, 1:15pm, […]

Exercise Portland: Get an effective workout in 20 minutes

The way to get an effective workout in 20 minutes is to keep moving and keep changing up the routine. Try to come up with 5 or six exercises that you can do for three different circuits, but don’t have any breaks unless you really have too. Keep the intensity up, but safe enough that […]