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Portland Oregon Fitness – 10 Fitness Tips for Fitness in the Rain

When it starts to rain, it is a perfect excuse not to go outside and exercise. When you are a runner, walker or hiker here in Portland, Oregon, this is something that you need to deal with because it rains so many days here. The question is, what do we have to be aware of when we are exercising or taking a fitness class in the rain.

1. You need to have your fitness workout pre-planned to make sure it is okay for rainy conditions.
2. Make sure you do not wear cotton material fitness clothing, but either a blend or 100% polyester, or a breathable clothing that is water resistance. Cotton clothing gets soaked and stays wet & cold!
3. If it is cold & rainy, then you want to make sure you have the appropriate layering of clothing in case you get too hot and need to take off layers, but are still protected from the environment.
4. If your exercise shoes are not water resistant, then I would recommend taping parts of your foot with mole skin or hypafix tape to prevent blistering from wet socks. Also, have an extra pair of socks to change into if they are really soaked
5. Wear a water proof hat if you cannot stand the rain in your face
6. If you are running outside and it is cold and rainy, I would recommend water proof running gloves to keep your hands warm and something for your ears. When your hands and ears get cold, it starts to get to you mentally.
7. If you begin to slip due to road oil/fluids or it is starting to puddle where you are training, it is better to just stop and try to find covering or just finish the workout with a light jog. Exercising  in puddles of water or constant slipping is not fun, unless you are training for a specific competition that is going to involve this type of an environment.
8. You have a higher risk of being injured right when it starts to rain, because oil, liquids, grease, etc., are always the most slippery at the onset.
9.  If you start to shiver,your muscles are shaking, you need to get indoors as quick as possible because those are the first signs of hypothermia. You need to stop, change your clothes and get warm and dry.
10.  If you know it is going to rain, make sure your fitness instructor or friends have a back up plan if the weather gets really bad, and always be prepared with an extra pack of clothing

I want you to have fun, even when exercising in the rain. In some environments like, Portland, Oregon, rain is just part of life and you need to embrace it. Most of all, I want you to have fun and be safe.

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