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Stretching is probably one of the least favorite things that individuals like to do when at the gym, especially men. For one, men do not think it is an important component in their routine, or it just does not look cool and that is what women do. I have heard this reason thousands of times, and one day they will have to implement a flexibility component to their lifestyle, so why not do it now before body parts are like cement and they cannot move.

The one stretch I am going to recommend to everyone, especially men is the quadriceps stretch. This is basically bringing your heel of your foot towards our buttocks. We all know how to do this stretch, but these muscles tend to get very tight when someone is sitting for long periods of time, traveling a lot in airplanes (especially internationally), or driving a lot in the field (sales people). If you can do this one simple stretch at least twice per day, back pain and constant tension in that  area will be reduced, plus your flexibility will improve.

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