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Portland Oregon Personal Trainer | Five Tips for Fitness Success

If you are looking for five tips for fitness success from you Portland personal trainer, then check these out: 

1. Make sure you are moving throughout the day; meaning get at least 10,000 steps per day. You can use the Jawbone Up, Fit Bit, or a simple pedometer. 
2. Do you best to get as much sleep as possible. Your body recovers when you are sleeping, especially when you are training hard. 
3. Add resistance training into your fitness routine. This is not only essential for increasing your lean muscle mass, but also to keep your bone density up to par. 
4. Stop eating when you full! Listen to your body, not your eyes. Your eyes will want to keep eating, but give yourself at least 30 minutes to see if you really need to eat more. 
5. Read More! Meaning, if you are constantly on your phone, computer, etc. Do something that is not work related. Read a novel or book that you have been putting off. It will relax you in a different way. Also, you can play a game with your spouse or partner – a board game, not a computer game. Go old school on this task.