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Strong Core| Portland Oregon Personal Trainer | Breakdancing

We all have heard of breakdancing, but have any of you tried it. I am not saying you have to spin on your head or do crazy aerial or windmill type of moves. I am talking about some of the basic leg movements that they do. They are in full plank and they are just moving their legs all around the place. In addition, sometimes they will hold a full plank with their feet in the air. What this is saying is that CORE strength is so important in dance, especially when someone is breakdancing. 

What this is telling me is that in order to start any type of dance program or fast type of activity, you should start working on your CORE muscles to give yourself a good base of muscular strength and endurance. Regardless if you are just doing Zumba, the Waltz, Swing, etc., you still need to have excellent CORE and lower back strength to be fully functional at these activities, because they are combining other muscles too. 

Back on the subject: if you are wanting to attempt breakdancing, then it is highly recommended that you consult with a coach, fitness professional or Portland Oregon personal trainer, if you are here in the Northwest. After they have given you some suggestions on what you should start doing (planks, balancing, etc), then you should enroll yourself in a dance school to learn properly.