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We are going to just jump right in to this blog post. If we were to have someone film us through an entire day, we would be amazed on what types of movements we do. We will squat, pick up, put back, turn around, balance one foot, get into a car, get out of a car, push a cart, pick up a bag, put stuff in a bag, take out the trash, pull the trash out, take a shower, go to the bathroom, get ready for work, put clothes on, take clothes off, eat, do the dishes, vacuum the floor, mop the floors, take the stairs, walk to work, walk to the car, etc. All of these are movements that most of us do on a daily basis and multiple times per day.

The cool thing about all of these movements is that they can be broken down in to smaller components and replicated in a safe setting. When we say safe setting, we can make these movements into exercises that can be used to strengthen and help the body become more proficient at doing them. When you are working with a fitness professional or Portland personal trainer, these are the types of movements that they will include in an entire fitness program in order to get you results, but also create movement patterns that will help you in everyday life.

This is the reason why functional training is so necessary. When someone is out of surgery, most of the time they will need to work with a physical therapist if it is joint related, etc. The therapist will assist them in getting back their mobility, but there is also a level of homework that they will have to do at home if they want their entire program to be successful. That is why if motivation is something that you need and you are not following the guidelines of your therapist, then it may be worthwhile to find an excellent Portland Oregon personal trainer or fitness professional in your area. They will not only make sure that you are doing your exercises functionally correct, but they will fill that motivational gap.