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Portland Oregon personal trainer | Cold Weather

The cold weather is upon us, as well as the harsh winds, icey sidewalks, and layers upon layers of clothes.  Most decide to hibernate during these cold months and put their fitness regimen on hold.  Of course these is always the gym, but we all know that running on a treadmill is nothing compared to running outside on our favorite paths.  Below are some tips from your Portland Oregon personal trainer to stay and warm on those winter runs.

1.  Layer up.  Your first layer of clothing should be something of dri-fit material to wick away moisture as you sweat.  On top of that should be a warm sweatshirt made of fleece that will keep in your body’s heat.

2.  Wear warm socks.  Your feet are the closest to the ground ad usually the first to go numb in cold weather.

3.  Wear shoes with good traction. When rain or snow start to freeze, the street can become more of an ice skating rink than a place for you to run on. If the bottoms of your shoes look worn, it’s time to purchase a new pair.

4.  Wear a warm hat and gloves.  Anywhere your body heat can escape should be covered.  You can always remove clothing if you become to hot.

5.  Leave the headphones at home.  Drivers are less likely to be aware of people running in cold weather, so it’s important to be hyper aware of your surroundings.

6.  Be seen.  To piggyback off the previous tip, you want drivers to be aware of your presence.  Wear a light on your arm or reflective clothing that can be seen from a distance.

You don’t have to put off running until the warmer weather starts to come around.  Bundle up, be smart, and stay aware of your surroundings.  If the conditions look to dangerous to venture out in, stay home.