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We are all faced with the same dilemna every year around Thanksgiving.  How are we going to get through it all without jepardizing our waistline?  Here are the top ten ways to survive the holiday (in no particular order)  from your Portland personal trainer:

1.  Don’t starve yourself the day of.  Many of us dream of the delicious foods we’ll get to stuff our faces with, and justify overeating because we haven’t eaten all day.

2.  Eat something before you go to offset your hunger pains.

3.  Portion control.  So you want a taste of everything that’s displayed on the buffet table? Go for it, but watch those spoonfuls.

4.  Pace yourself with liquid calories.  They are the easiest and fastest to be consumed, so be mindful.

5.  Be social.  Instead of focusing all of your attention on the feast, chat it up with family and friends.  It will distract you from going for seconds.

6.  Start a board game.  Nothing brings fun and laughter like a diverse group of people and entertainment.

7.  Split dessert.  So you want a helping of pumpkin pie AND apple pie? Cut the slice in half to enjoy both treats without double the guilt.

8.  Drink water.  Water not only hydrates you, but also fills you up, leaving less room for loaded calories.

9.  Offer to help with clean-up.  By throwing yourself into washing dishes and occupying your time with helping out, you’re less likely to spend that idle time eating, even when you’re not hungry.

10.  Take a post meal walk.  Enjoy a breath of fresh air while also getting some exercise in.

Avoiding overindulgence during Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.  It just means that there are other ways to have a good time rather than eating so much that it hurts to move.  Be social, laugh, eat, and drink with control.