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You’re committed to your goals.  You work hard to stay on track, and fight off all temptations.  That is, until your co-worker brings in breakfast from your favorite pastry shop, and desire beats out your willpower.

You are not alone! You are human after all.  While eating healthy is great for you, you also need that occassional treat or splurge.  As Portland personal trainers, we know that living in a city with great food, craft beer, and mouthwatering desserts can make it challenging to stick to your healthy lifestyle. While avoiding these foods will only make us want them more, we also need to realize that if we treat ourselves, we don’t have to beat ourselves up about it either.  So how do we achieve a happy medium?

1.  Everything in moderation. So your co-worker brings in cupcakes and you know they are to die for.  Cut one in half, and walk out of the break room. Don’t go in there again during the day to feed that temptation.

2.  Keep healthy sweet and salty treats at your desk to hold you off until the next meal, while also fighting your cravings.  Stash pretzels, dried fruits, and nuts to help keep you satisfied.

3.  Be mindful about your eating.  Don’t plop yourself down in front of the tv with a bag of cookies.  Be fully present when you’re eating snacks and meals so you stay completely aware of what is going into your body.