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A gym, equipment, or fancy machines are not needed to get in some exercise and a great workout.  Nature provides us with a vast variety of tools to use for our pleasure and health.

Our environment provides us with rodes to run on, stairs to climb, water to swim in, and mountains and hills to hike.  There are no excuses to not get in some daily activity when a great workout is just out your front door.

Research hikes, trails, and stairs in your area.  Join a running group that meets during the week and on weekends.  Not only are you getting in exercise, but you’re able to view what nature has to offer, and meet new people in the process.

Seeking out a Portland personal trainer will help make all of these activites more effective, easier, and more enjoyable.  They can help you learn the muscles to train to make your body and your activity of choice stronger.

When thinking that you can’t workout because you don’t have a gym membership or a treadmill, think again.  There is an abundance of options the outdoors has to offer, and you should take advantage of the free, and great exercise it offers.