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With a workeforce that mainly spends their day behind a desk, many people find themselves suffering from chronic back pain and tightness.  This limits us to movements and exercises that we can complete.  As Portland personal trainers, we recommend not following a generic workout plan, rather working with a preofessional to find out what exactly you should be doing.

Here are some essential tips to keeping your body strong, and your back sade and injury free:

1. Avoid bent over exercises. These include bent over row, burpees, deadlifts, etc.  These put added strain on your low back, causing increased pain and limited function.

2. Heavy weighted squats.  When you squat, your body naturally hinges forward at your waist.  Adding heavy weights to this exercise puts too much pressure your backside.

3. Putting your core as the central location for balance.  This includes v-ups, russian twists, leg lowers, etc.  Putting added weight and pressure on your spine should be avoided.

4. Flexion of the spine.  This involves any exercise that will cause you to bend your spine forward.  Avoid any crunches, sit-ups, and bicycles, as this will put added pressure on your lower back.

Be mindful of your movements, and if you feel any pain or added tension in your back during an exercise, discontinue it immediately.