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There are too many times we allow ourselves to be talked out of something. Whether it be by someone else, or ourselves, it happens.  A whole lot more than we would probably like to admit. So how do stop this madness from happening.

In regards to your health and fitness goals, a Portland Personal Trainer recommends always reminding yourself of why your goals are even put in place. When the going gets tough, remind yourself why you want to shed 50 pounds.  Maybe it’s so you feel more confident in your own body, or yourwant to be healthy for your children so you can see them grow up and continue doing activities with them. Maybe you’re at risk for diabetes and you know if you don’t do something to fix it, the results are inevitible.

Keep those reminders in the back of your head when you feel like you’re too tired to workout, or your favorite show is one and you can’t stand to miss. Think about what will make you a better person in the future. You might regret missing an episode of your favorite sitcom for a day or two, but missing a workout could set the stage for more missed workouts to come. Stay strong, stay persistent, and you will crush your goals.