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The key to staying committed to anything in life is dedication and having a true interest in it.  This works for your career, your hobbies, healthy eating, and your workouts.

As a Portland Oregon Trainer, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard someone say that they hate cardio.  They know that in order to achieve the results they want they must pair cardio workouts with the strength training sessions we have in the studio.  The problem is, the thought of running before or after work is a daunting task for them.

When people think of cardio, they automatically think of running, but there are so many other ways to challenge your cardiovascular system.  There’s swimming, playing a game of basketball, going for a brisk walk, riding your bike, going for a hike, etc.  I could go on and on about the different possibilities you have.  In order to stay committed and make cardio exercises a part of your workout regimen is finding something you enjoy doing.

Your sister may have lost a lot of weight commuting back and forth to work by bike, but the thought of doing that has you ruling out biking altogether. Then don’t do it! Find the the activities you enjoy doing, and stick to them. You’ll not only enjoy it more, but you’ll also be more likely to do it and look forward to it.