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When most people think of fitness assessments, different exercises and paying close attention to strengths and weaknesses come to mind.  While a Porland Personal Trainer would tell you that this is important, there’s also so much more to it than that.

Assessments should tell us a lot about our clients, not only physically, but mentally as well.  Asking important questions throughout the assessment and paying attention to how your clients react to exercise could have profound effect on the program you design for them.

The career of your client is an important piece of information to acquire.  This will tell you what things they are knowledgeable about and what their interests are in.  Finding out hobbies, or special talents are also vital to the relationship you will build with your client.  Personal Training is about creating and keeping a bond between the trainer and client, and the more information you know about them, the stronger your trust and connection will grow.

Noticing the mental strength of your client is also crucual to understanding how far you can push them in a workout.  If your client is winded and struggling within the first few reps of an exercise, it’s a good indication that the intensity needs to be lowered.  You want to push your client, but you also want them to feel accomplished and successful.