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I think back to the clothes I chose to wear while working out in college. Sweat pants of some kind, with an old cotton t-shirt from high school. Not only did I have to adjust my pants constantly as they would snag on countless pieces of equipment, but I would get so hot. My clothing was too baggy and the heat my body was giving off from exercise had no where to go.

Wearing the right clothing can make all the difference in your workout. Choose materials that are breathable so you don’t get uncomfortable chafing. You also want your body to stay cool. Stay away from cotton as this will absorb your sweat, keeping you hot and weighed down. Make sure you wear clothing that fits close to your body. This can inhibit you from having a safe workout.  On the other hand, stay away from clothing that will prevent you from having and maintaining full range of motion in your exercises. If it’s hard to walk in the new spandex you just bought, it won’t do you any good to workout in them.

The clothing choices you make are just as important as the workout itself.  Here are three tips to remember (from your Portland personal trainer) when choosing what to wear:

1. Breathable, light weight material

2. Fits comfortably, while fitting close to the body

3. Doesn’t inhibit your range of motion in exercises ( isn’t too tight)