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Many people come to a Portland personal trainer because they can’t push themselves like they want to. They simply workout until it becomes hard and then they stop. That’s where we come into play.

Consider the phrase, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” If it weren’t easy to achieve, everyone would be fit. We wouldn’t be dealing with an obesity problem that is on the rise.

Within every exercise in your workout, you should feel like you can’t possibly do anymore, but your personal trainer pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you realize that you’re actually capable of completing 10 more. This is how you become stronger, and shed the pounds you so desperately want to lose.

The next time you think about taking a rest before the exercise is complete, remember your goals. Remember that hard work pays off, and that if you push your body just a little bit past what it’s comfortable with, it will be worth it.