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Strong, challenged, and a little (or a lot) sweaty is how most of us expect to feel during exercise.  The last thing you want to feel while working out is light headed and nauseous. Yet, many of us have experienced this a time or two. So, how do you prevent this from happening? Below are a few tips to help you continue to feel your best:

1. BREATHE! Our body needs oxygen for fuel during exercise, so don’t hold your breath during those push-ups! Consistent breathing is crucial.

2. When transitioning from mat work, take your time getting up to feet. Standing up too fast can leave you feeling faint.

3. Be mindful of how much water you’re drinking during your sweat session. A sip every 5-10 minutes should be sufficient. You don’t want a gallon of water sloshing around in your stomach during those jumping jacks!

4. If you are working with a health professional or Portland personal trainer or workout partner, you always want to communicate regardless.