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Personal Trainer Portland Or: What Is Over-Training?

So what is over training in the fitness or gym world? This is a condition that a lot of us will get if tend to just over do it, get obsessed with working out, or think that more is better! Remember, you do not grow and get results in the gym or studio, get results when you are resting, sleeping, taking a nap, hanging out with friends, at work or on vacation resting your body. The mechanism is when you are working with your fitness professional, workout partner, on your own or if you are here in the Pacific Northwest, your personal trainer Portland Or.
Working with someone, especially one who has more years of experience will not only help you learn more, but they will also guide you when is the best time to have recovery days/times so you avoid the burnout phase of exercise.
If you keep going strong, seven days per week for months on end, your body will either get super sore, get injured, you will be restless, grouchy and even sometimes come down with a cold. Basically, your body is telling it rest for a few days. Sometimes taking one week off will doing wonders for your body and in most cases, you will come back stronger, more alert and just revived.

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