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Personal Trainer Portland Or: Frequency and Types of Exercises

When it comes to fitness and exercise, the best results come from frequency and the type of exercises you are doing. What does frequency mean? This means that you are staying active and you are getting various bouts of physical activity though out the week. If you are working with a personal trainer Portland Or or fitness professional, this is meeting with him or her more than once per week. Frequency hold individuals accountability, keeps the motivation to a high and generates quicker results versus someone participating in a personal training program once per week.
The type of exercises and the way they are structured is very important too. If you are consistently exercising the same muscle groups over and over again, then you are going to hinder growth and opportunity, when we want to have positive gains. These gains need to come in better lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat percentage, a lower body mass index, maintaining bone density (especially in females), and just feeling better as a whole.
When you now combine this together with frequency and having variety to the types of exercises and workouts your Portland personal trainer is doing, then you will create amazing results that would of taken you a lot longer when doing it by yourself.

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