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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Lower Back Pain and Back Packs

If you like to hike, are in school or walk to work, having a back pack is a great necessity to have. People think that you just need to put the back pack on your shoulder and head out the door, but there are some rules that you should follow when wearing backpacks. The first one is do not just sling it over one shoulder, because this can cause muscle imbalances, unnecessary strain on certain body parts, muscles, tendons and ligaments and can just be uncomfortable.
What we would suggest is that if you are going to be hiking, go to a local hiking outdoor shop and ask the expert in that area of the store to help you get fitted for a back pack. In addition, the same goes for if you are commuting to work via walking, biking or just in school. Having the correct backpack that distributes the weigh equally is of the utmost importance to avoid strain and injury in the lower back and other muscles.
If you are noticing that you need to be carrying more weight on your back, then you probably need to lighten the load or you need to start training your muscles and body to be able to carry such a load. If this is something you want to consider and you live in the Northwest, you should probably consult with a personal trainer Portland Oregon fitness expert in your area to help with this. If you have discrepancies and you are working with a physician and physical therapist, ask them what you could do outside of that clinical setting so you and your personal trainer can work on those exercises and goals together.

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