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Personal Trainer Portland Or: Personal Trainer Cancellation Policy

If you are a current personal trainer Portland Or client or you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, then the most important aspect of this business and relationship is knowing what the cancellation policy is. When you have started to begin a professional relationship with your trainer, one of this most challenging things is when to charge your client when they do not show up or even cancel last minute. The industry standard is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Some people will say this is pretty harsh, but if you know you are sick when you wake up that day you are training,  you probably did’t feel great the night before.
Your trainer will understand completely if it is a sickness or you had an emergency. The rule of thumb also is if you need to cancel with less than 24 hours cancellation notice, then make sure you are able to re-schedule that session within five days. If you do not, your personal trainer Portland Or has all the right to charge you for that session.
Both the client and the trainers time is worth something, so both have to respect that. When this is clear on both sides, then the client/trainer relationship will be even more professional.

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