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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Holiday Treats Create Holiday Waist Inches

So you are wondering how are we supposed to keep those unwanted inches off of our waists, buttocks and legs! Well, the answer is to don’t put that much in our mouths and also monitor the type of food we are putting on that fork. You will be amazed how many calories a chocolate cheese cake has per bit or a flour-less chocolate cake. If you are working with a fitness professional or a Personal Trainer Portland Oregon in you area, tell them that you want to keep a strict journal during this time frame. Even though the big holiday is a few days away, we still have New Years and it is cold here in Portland, Oregon. We need to keep the motivation up to a high and the fork less in our mouths. Be consistent, write in your food journal and watch what types of foods your are ingesting, because it will all matter in the end. If you have to think twice about what you are eating, then you probably know that it is not ideal for your body. It is okay to indulge once in awhile, but plan for it and when you do, enjoy it, because you know it is not everyday.

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