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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Staying Toned and Lean

The most challenging aspect of working out and making your goal to get lean, is the attempt’s to get to that level of body fat percentage. The other variable that you need to be concerned about is doing your best to keep as much lean muscle tissue when you are in this transition period. Too many times people will get into the habit of doing too much cardiorespiratory fitness and neglecting the resistance component. One recommendation is to seek the advice of a personal trainer Portland Oregon and let them know what your goals are. If you also need help being accountable for what goes into your mouth, then write down your food for a week before meeting with your personal trainer. The reason for doing this is it will give you a better view of what you are actually eating. If you can be diligent for one whole week and write everything down that you put in your mouth, you will surprised on ways you can eat healthier. This includes drinks, sugars, creamers, salt, pepper, snacks, eating while you are cooking and regular meals.
Once you have that one week of food down, then make sure you show that to your Portland personal trainer so they can have a better understanding of how your food take currently is and they can offer some suggestions.