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Types of fitness exercises

There are literally thousand types of exercises from tai chi to tae bo, from cha-cha to kung fu. The movements, routines, techniques, origins and names vary greatly but all of these can be classified into three basic categories, namely, cardiovascular exercises (aerobic), flexibility exercises and strength exercises (anaerobic).

Cardiovascular exercises are meant to improve stamina and burn calories. These are achieved by raising the heart beat and breathing. In this manner, the cells of the body can be supplied with more oxygen and the metabolism-catabolism rate will increase. Some examples of these exercises include jogging, swimming and dancing. These exercises are ideal for losing weight.

Flexibility exercises are intended to improve the stretch-ability of muscles, joints and ligaments. Examples of these include yoga, hip twist, and squat thrust. These exercises can help in improving agility and correct postures. They can also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Strength or resistance exercises involve repetitive movements while using weights or resistance to target certain groups of muscles. In some cases, no equipment is use but the weight of the body serves as the resistance to the target muscle groups. These exercises are meant to improve muscle strength and increase muscle size. Examples of these include pushups, pull-up, sit-up, and lifting barbells.


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