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Personal Training: Transitioning From a Hobby to a Professional Personal Training Career

When it comes to the personal training business, the individual wanting to enter this industry needs to look at this as a career, not just a hobby. This is because you are going to be working with clients who want to take their body, health, physical fitness to the next level. When they are going through this process, it is emotional, takes time and can be challenging. In addition to not only getting clients,one needs to also run the business, and that is going to take time in learning what marketing techniques will work for you.

The client is going to rely on the personal trainer for their expertise, advice, coaching, and a listening ear. If a personal trainer is not willing to stay with this client for the long haul or they just want to make a quick buck, then this is not the industry for them.

To be a professional and really make a career out this profession, developing a strong client relationship is a must. Just like any relationship, you need to look after it, tend to it, make sure it is going the way that you want it, and that the client is happy with their results. For the personal trainer, this can also be an emotional roller coaster, because if you have a lot of clients, it is going to make you an excellent listener, but at the same time, somewhat of a counselor or therapist. Just like any personal service, you are going to be dealing with clients either one on one or in a group setting. Regardless, it is all about the client and they are going to want to talk with you about everything.

The rule of the thumb is that if you are great with people and your social skills are up to par, then you may like this exciting and rewarding career. Getting clients is a whole different story, but once you start getting them, and they are staying with you for months or even years at a time, then you know you have what it takes to survive in this industry.

When transitioning into this industry from part-time to full-time, you need to start doing your research. One of the most important aspects of any business is to know who your competition is, what are their specialties, and how are you different. The same goes for personal trainers, if you want to separate yourself from the herd, then you need to market your way of training as you are the expert, and then develop that specific niche.

If you are not in a big city where there is a huge demographic of all kinds of different individuals, you can still be successful as a personal trainer. The approach will have to be more one on one and it is all about developing that relationship. In places like Portland, Oregon, this city really supports small business, so if you are a Portland personal trainer or a personal trainer somewhere in Oregon, getting involved with the local activities will not only help make a name for yourself, but you will become better known.

When it comes to doing grass roots marketing the best way to do it is to market in the area that you want to attract your specific clientele. This involves advertising in niche newspapers that get delivered to your prospective clients, having a door to door flyer campaign that can be delivered in the area that you desire, and placing online placement ads with one of the major search engines or social media sites that can target that specific zip code.

The last thing a personal trainer needs to do when making this huge transition is to structure the personal training business as a real business. You need to make it a legitimate business by creating a business plan, opening a business checking account, and keeping excellent financial records for when you are ready to grow and maybe hire other trainers, or need a loan to expand your operations. I would also recommend finding a personal trainer who is willing to mentor you on aspects of running a personal training business, because they will not only share with your their successes, but they will tell you the mistakes they made so you don’t make them. This is invaluable information, because you cannot get this from a book or a course, so if you can find a mentor or someone you can ask questions too, then take advantage of that opportunity.

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