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Exercise Portland: How much weight should you lose?

If one of your goals is to lose weight this year, then you want to do it safely. To lose weight safely and to make sure it stays off, if should be between 1lb to 3lbs per week. When individuals lose 10lbs per week that is not safe. I can understand if your are morbid obese or super morbid obese, then a 10lb number might be equivalent to a 1lb to 3lb weight loss. One of the important things about slow and steady weight loss is that it will give your body and skin time to get used to what is happening. If you lose weight too quickly, your skin wont have enough time to make itself tight again, and the elasticity will be gone (stretched out). Play it safe and lose weight slowly. When you reach your goal, you will not only have learned a lot, but you can look at the challenges and obstacles you surpassed when achieving that goal.

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