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Diet & Food: Just make small changes

If you can make small modifications to your food intake then you are on track to accomplishing some great goals. Changing or shifting someones eating habits can be the most challenging obstacles someone can encounter, because we have to eat to survive. That is why you should make small changes in order to keep the motivation and momentum moving forward in the right direction. For example, if you love to eat pizza every day, rather than eating 8 large slices, take it down to 6 slices. The concern of the type of food is not as important right now as the quantity. If we can adjust the quantity, you will lose weight. When you lose weight with the foods you enjoy, then you will feel more inclined to change those food choices to get even greater results. Start out slow, but make those small changes so you can get bigger rewards in the near future. Good luck with your food and Happy New Year!

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