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Small Group Personal Training – What are the benefits?

What is small group personal training? It is working with a personal trainer with anywhere from 3 to 5 people in your training group. This is a popular trend because you will get the benefit of working with a professional personal trainer, but at the same time have a group to exercise with that can help with motivation, encouragement and accountability. Even though the trainer is going to provide all of those elements, it is always an added bonus to hear it from your fellow exercise friends or colleagues.
Another great thing with small group personal training is the cost is lower than paying for a private (1 on 1) or a semi-private session (1 on 2). If you were to do a group training session it will cost you anywhere from $25 to $35 per session, versus paying anywhere from $60 to $150/session for a private training session.
The rule of thumb is if you want to achieve your results in a more effective, quicker and safer method of delivery, then working with a professional personal trainer is the way to go. Your exercises, routines and program design is already done for you prior to stepping in the fitness facility and if you need extra assistance with your food, talk with your fitness professional after your training session.

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