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Boot Camp or Private Personal Training?

Boot camps became really popular about 6 to 7 years ago and individuals are still doing them today. The fitness industry realized that individual program design, versus a one for all type of approach is a better model to strive for. Boot camps are great because they generate a good amount of money for the trainer (s), but the individual attention is lost, and that is why there is a high injury rate for boot camps that are large in size.

If you want to workout with others because you like the motivation and energy of a group, then I would suggest small group training or semi-private training. Yes, boot camp is cheaper, but the quality of service and individual attention you will get with small group, semi-private and private is 100% better. You can still do program design with these three types of training and get awesome results. The only drawback that some people see with more individualized training is that they will pay more, but the flip side is a higher probability of being injured.

For the person who is looking for another way to break through fitness plateaus or needs to add something different to their exercise routine, I feel boot camps are an excellent tool for that.

The rule of thumb that I like to follow is you pay for what you get. If you want the professional service, more individualized attention and lower probability of injury, then go with small group, semi-private or private training. If you are okay with a higher probability of injury and you are more concerned with price, then go with a boot camp style of training.

With boot camps, it is very challenging to program design for each person in that group. Both types of training have their purpose and I just wanted to point them out so you can make a good decision by looking at all the different variables.

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