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Portland Fitness – CrossFit, not everyone should do it, watch the video!

CrossFit has been one of the biggest trends in fitness over the past few years. In Southern California it hit about 6 years ago and it seems that it is becoming a new trend in Portland.
What you need to know is that CrossFit is not for everyone. For one, if you want to start out doing this type of exercise, you need to have a good fitness base and be experienced with lifting weights. Second,  you should have some knowledge of power lifting and be sure that this type of training is something that will get you to your goal. Lastly, there are a lot injuries every year because of Cross Fit, and it is not because this type of training is bad, it is because the individuals who operate this franchises don’t have a clue about training and proper bio-mechanics. If you are going to pursue a CrossFit gym to join then you need to interview as many of them as possible and pick the one where the franchise owners & instructors are extremely knowledgeable about bio-mechanics, anatomical kinesiology and are veterans in the personal training industry.
What you don’t want is what is in this video. This is CrossFit at its worse and I feel sorry for the individuals who are members at this location. The CrossFit Franchise Corporation should pull this specific locations franchise license, because it is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Check out the video:


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