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Portland Fitness – Injuring the Achilles Tendon!

Age is something that we are always going to be dealing with, but when we start to get older, we need to be cautious of some certain injuries that can occur with a higher rate of occurrence. One of the injuries that we need to be aware when when we reach the magic age of 40 years old is, tearing or rupturing your Achilles tendon. This is the age when you really need to take warming up and stretching a priority before engaging in physical activity. If you completely rupture your Achilles tendon you will be in surgery within in 48 hours of when the injury happened. Without this tendon, we as humans cannot walk and the recuperation time-frame is extremely long.  Once you get the tendon re-attached, rehabilitation and getting back to normal will be approximately one year. It will pay in the long term to start stretching and warming up. If you are having pain in that area of your lower leg when you are just walking around, I would highly recommend that you get it checked out by an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate how tight that area of your body is. If it is severely tight, they may want you to seek physical therapy to avoid a future tear or rupture. If they give you guidelines to start stretching on your own, or higher a professional trainer to help you, then I would listen to your physician.


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