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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer: Tell Your Doctor Everything

If you are going to want to start a fitness program with a Portland Oregon personal trainer, then the first thing they are going to want to know is that you are cleared by your physician. Some clients may not need clearing, but for clients who are on blood pressure, diabetic medication (or others), they […]

Portland Personal Trainer: Running in the Portland Heat

It has been extremely hot here in Portland, Oregon and we need to use caution if we are going to be exercising in these hot temperatures. If you are working with a Portland personal trainer then you will want to consult with them in regards to hydration, fluid intake times and what type of beverages […]

Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Staying Toned and Lean

The most challenging aspect of working out and making your goal to get lean, is the attempt’s to get to that level of body fat percentage. The other variable that you need to be concerned about is doing your best to keep as much lean muscle tissue when you are in this transition period. Too many times people will get into the habit of […]