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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Using Ergonomics for Applications in the Gym

When you look more into ergonomics a lot of the information that they use can be directed towards what happens in the weight room or with fitness programs. Once of the big items that we want to look at is the concept of levers. When we lift weights, our body is utilizing levers to lift […]

Exercise Portland: Sports Drinks, how to drink them

Of course, the way to drink them is through our mouths, but a lot of people are drinking them like water. Sports drinks are meant for bodies that are exercising, sweating, going beyond their physical comfort zones, and taking themselves to that upper limit. You want to replenish what you have lost through respiration and perspiration. Kids are drinking these beverages […]

Exercise Portland: Best time to go to the gym

If you are getting upset because every time you go the gym it is crowded, there is no parking and the lockers are all taken. So when should you go to the gym? The best time to go is either super early before the 6am crowd gets there or you can go at 11am, 1:15pm, […]

Exercise Portland Oregon: Use a Stability Ball to Spice Up Your Routine!

If you routines are getting mundane and they are not producing any results for you, the start doing those routines on a stability ball. This will not only shock your body, but you core will get an awesome workout, your stabilizers will start firing like they never have before, and you will burn extra calories. Give it […]