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Personal Trainer in Portland Or: What is Overtraining?

What is Overtraining? Overtraining is a common problem with many people, especially those who are highly motivated to reach a goal but may not necessarily know the right way to reach it. These are the people you see in the gym every single day for multiple hours, usually more than once a day. Overtraining can […]

Personal Trainer Portland Or: Stretching The IT-Band!

If there is one stretch that people hate to do is the IT-Band stretch. Well, it is really not a stretch, but more of a pressure type of stretch on the side of the leg. The IT-Band is a thin sheath that starts from the hip and runs down passed the side of the knee. […]

Portland Personal Training: Why Hire A Professional Personal Trainer versus a Boot Camp Expert

When someone is looking for a Portland personal trainer, the first thing they think of is expensive, it is only for the rich and I cannot afford that. So what is the next thing they do. They decide to do one of those Group-On specials where they can get a huge discount when they sign […]

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer: Tell Your Doctor Everything

If you are going to want to start a fitness program with a Portland Oregon personal trainer, then the first thing they are going to want to know is that you are cleared by your physician. Some clients may not need clearing, but for clients who are on blood pressure, diabetic medication (or others), they […]

Portland Personal Trainer: Running in the Portland Heat

It has been extremely hot here in Portland, Oregon and we need to use caution if we are going to be exercising in these hot temperatures. If you are working with a Portland personal trainer then you will want to consult with them in regards to hydration, fluid intake times and what type of beverages […]

Portland Personal Trainer: The Right Fitness Shoe

When it comes to the types of clothing you should wear when exercising, your shoes are extremely important. Why? Because based on the activity you are going to be engaging in, there is shoe that will not only help you with those specific movements, but they will support your feet and body when doing those […]

Personal Trainer Portland: Ballroom Dancing to Reduce Body Fat

When it comes to shocking your body, just introducing it to new types of movement can cause your body to burn more calories than usual. When the body is not used to a certain movements, it will react by burning more calories because of muscle recruitment. When different muscles are recruiting at the same time, […]

Personal Trainer Portland: Weight Training Re-Shaping The Body

Weight training actually re-shapes your body The main reason for most people why they hit the gym is to lose weight and the common trend is to do cardio workouts and surely, they get results. But notice that even if you lose a pound or so a week, your body shape tends to stay the […]

Personal Trainer Portland: Weight Loss And Your Food Intake

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer have shown the value of a meals publication and reveals beyond question that the meals publication containers twice your results! “Keeping a meals record — a specific account of what you eat and consume is a highly effective device in assisting individuals shed body-weight, U.S. scientists verified on Tuesday” says Will Dunham-Reuters. […]

Personal Trainer Portland: Health, Fitness & Personal Training

Health as an Essential Investment But before you decide to crash down on the couch from sheer exhaustion and comfort yourself with a bag of chips and a bottle of beer, seriously contemplate on the innumerable advantages and benefits of getting a professional Portland Oregon personal trainer. Before you shrug of the idea, ask yourself, […]